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Store Hours:

Mon-Thurs   11am-10pm

Fri-Sat         11am-11pm

Sun             12pm-8pm


(425) 741-7049


14608 Hwy 99 - Suite 307
Lynnwood, WA 98087

 Wednesday Tasting
February 10th 6-8PM
Lagunitas Brewing!

On tap we will have:

Czech Style Pilsner

Brown Shugga'

Little Sumpin' Sumpin'

Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale

Cappuccino Stout

High Westified 100% Barrel Aged Coffee Stout



Saturday Keg Tapping
February 13th
11AM until they run out

Knee Deep from Auburn, California are well known for their delicious IPAs but up until now have not been available in Washington State. Luckily they are now distributed here! To celebrate we will be tapping the following this Saturday:

Simtra Triple IPA

Hoptologist Double IPA

Breaking Bud IPA

Tanilla Coffee Vanilla Porter 

Wednesday Tasting
February 17th 6-8PM

Georgetown Brewing!

On tap we will have:

18lb Imperial Porter

Whiskey Barrel Aged Porter

Rye Tombourbon Brown Ale

Bodhizapha IPA

Barrel Aged Choppa Red Ale

Johnny Utah Pale Ale

Nitro Lisa's Chocolate Stout




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Event Schedule:

February 10th: Tasting 6-8PM with Lagunitas Brewing!

February 17th: Tasting 6-8PM with Georgetown Brewing!

February 24th: Tasting 6-8PM with Crucible Brewing!

March 2nd: Tasting 6-8PM Oskar Blues with Erik!

March 9th: Tasting 6-8PM Ballast Point with Devin!

March 16th: Tasting 6-8PM Perennial with Yuji!

March 23rd: Tasting 6-8PM Bainbridge Brewing with Ken!

March 30th: Tasting 6-8PM with Aslan Brewing!

 Store Hours:

Sunday- 12-8pm

Monday- Thursday 11-10pm

Friday - Saturday 11-11pm




We are considered a Tavern - Please do not bring anyone under the legal drinking age of 21 (including children) - Thanks.






SpecialBrewsWA Ninkasi Brewing's Sour of Love just kicked! Now on tap Anderson Valley Brewing Company's Horse Tongue with Currants!
SpecialBrewsWA Almanac Beer Co's Meyer Lemon Gose just kicked! Now on tap Ecliptic Brewing's Orange Giant! Cheers! Happy Saturday!
SpecialBrewsWA Now on tap: Knee Deep Brewing Company - Breaking Bud IPA Knee Deep - Hoptologist IIPA Knee Deep - Simtra IIPA Cheers!
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